AGP eGlass - Automotive glazing technologies

What we are looking for:
AGP | eGlass is looking for working closely to OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and R&D laboratories in high tech glazing solutions for the future of mobility.
Our 6 core technologies are solutions developed to satisfy various transportation applications such as electric vehicles, Internal Combustion Engines vehicles, buses, trucks, trains, agro-industrial vehicles, racing vehicles and yatchs.

What we offer:
Unique technology solutions for the future of mobility.
•Ultralite plus : Lightweight glazing solutions with up to 35% weight reduction to standar compositions.
•360 plus: Large and Complex shapes glazing enabling car designers and engineers to explore new driving experiences.
•Camera view plus: Advanced windshield optics allowing camera systems’ optimal performance used for the latest autonomous driving technology.
•Solar plus: Non-metallic glass solutions having superior performance without compromising connectivity of electronic devices.
•impact plus: Glass compositions 3 times more resistant to stone impacts allowing for longer product life and safety.
•Vario plus: Unique and revolutionary technology giving passengers the ability to adjust at will the transparency of a glass.


Mr Camilo Alvarez
Marketing Coordinator

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